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It's possible.Try Sound Music Ministry for your church. This manual will enable and inspire you to be the musician, singer or worship leader you want to be. It is a practical resource designed to help you deal with anything music ministry can throw at you. It can help you build a purposeful, focused team, working with your church as a whole to impact your community through vibrant, passionate music ministry.


Ken Davis - Church Music Worship Leader and Ministry CoachI'm Ken Davis and I've been involved in worship and music ministry for 25 years in a variety churches. Big ones, small ones, intellectual ones, charismatic ones and even Anglican (Episcopal) ones! Come to Dapto Anglican on most Sundays and you'll see me at work.

I've led teams, been a team member, and been a solo worship leader with nothing more than a guitar and a bad voice. I've also worked as a consultant helping other churches with their music ministry dilemmas.

A fresh look at worship

I love your manual. It has already helped me with a couple of situations we have on our praise team. I just started weeping when I read the first few pages. I had been praying for a way to deal with a few things, and there were the answers. Bless you, brother.

Tracey H., New Mexico

In that time I've learned a few things about what works and what doesn't. That’s why I wrote Sound Music Ministry. I want you to have the benefit of my experience, and the distilled wisdom of over 200 of my fellow worship leaders and peers.

Real Answers that work

Sound Music Ministry is a comprehensive music ministry manual with 84 A4 pages of practical information. It answers all the questions that people have asked me in my 25 years of music ministry experience, and will help you to solve everyday problems like:

What's inside?

Chapter Title About
1 Guiding Principles 12 marks of an effective music ministry introduced. What things REALLY make a difference for churches of ANY size.
2 Mission impossible Why missionn and strategy are absolutely vital to the effectiveness of your ministry, both to believers and the lost.
3 Please don't let me be misunderstood What's worship really all about? What's church got to do with it?
4 You gotta serve somebody What's the number one attitude that EVERYONE in ministry needs to have? What does it mean? How do you develop a servant heart in a selfish world?
5 Unless the Lord builds the house Rock hard on a solid foundation. What church and ministry are really all about. How to make sure your ministry builds up rather than tears down, or stagnates.
6 We work the black seam together Moses had Aaron. Jesus had 12 disciples. Paul had Barnabas? Who's on your team? How to make sure you're playing the same game together, while using your individual, God-given strengths.
7 Get with the program How to involve some of your most creative minds and hearts in creating great services and events.
8 Please Mister, please (don't play B17) What will we play this week? Should we just let the Spirit lead? How to build a repertoire that inspires, encourages and involves the congregation.
9 Blue sky mining People are your best resource. Why not look after them?
10 I fought the law and the law won Walking through the copyright minefield without getting blown to bits. How to obey the spirit and the letter of the law without a copyright attorney.
11 Helping congregations sing Jesus put a new song in your heart? Then why wont they sing? Overcoming blocks to congregational singing.
12 The great musician Your prayers have been answered. Your local keyboard wizard just got saved. They've bought their best friend who plays a mean guitar with them. They want to play. What would you do next - it's your call...

Not just a quick fix

These are not quick fix, band-aid solutions. They will help you to take a purposeful and strategic approach. It may take longer, but the result will be a music ministry and church that will last.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to offer real help to hundreds of churches worldwide through my consultancy services, the website and the WRITE-On e-zine.

How to get the resources you need

You will learn how to overcome your most pressing resource problems. You will discover how to:

You'll have less headaches and more time to work on the things that bring lasting results.

You won’t be alone

We understand your need for real, human support, so as a special bonus we offer one week of access to your own personal Ministry Coach. This alone is worth $150.

You’ll need to act fast on this, as I have a limit of 50 free spots. This offer will be removed once those spots are filled.

There is no need to be alone. Inside Out are responsive and we will deal with your issues. That’s why we offer FREE lifetime updates, including giving you the opportunity to raise any music ministry issues that are not covered in the latest version. How many manuals offer you the opportunity to choose the content?

It’s Church and Mission minded

Sound Music Ministry is designed to help you set a course for your ministry that is 100% in tune with your churches mission to its members and the community. Many senior ministers and pastors view the music team with a degree of suspicion. They are afraid you’ll do something weird or wacky. You’ll learn how to work them in a way that doesn’t stifle your creativity.

And relationally oriented

What’s more, Sound Music Ministry approaches these types of problems from a relational perspective. This means you have the best chance of building a dynamic and unified team who work together for the good of the church.

It’s Biblical and personal

We believe that God's word gives us everything we need to live a Godly life. So we have taken great pains to ensure that Sound Music Ministry is both theologically sound, but also deeply devotional. We need to know God's truth. But it is empty knowledge unless there is personal transformation.

To help you in your own walk, or to grow a biblically minded team, we also include 5 Bible Studies.

These studies are designed to:

It will build your confidence

We don't minister to receive appreciation (accept to hear Jesus say “Well done good and faithful servant”) but it's nice when it comes.

If you follow the advice in this manual you won’t have to sell the house and to go to college. Yet you will learn to confidently handle almost any music ministry situation you encounter.

Only Sound Music Ministry does all this, so we confidently say that it will be your most useful ministry tool next to your Bible.

Outstanding value

A manual like this would cost around $40 in the shops but thanks to the technology of the Internet it can be yours for $9.95. But don’t forget the special bonuses:

Bonus 1 - Free Bible Studies

5 Bible studies that have been tried and tested in the churches I have served as a music ministry consultant. VALUE $12.95

Bonus 2 - Free Lifetime Updates

Not only that, but you can have FREE lifetime updates, with the opportunity to suggest material for inclusion in such updates! VALUE $40

Time Limited Bonus 3 - FREE 1 week Coaching access

The first 25 buyers also get one week of telephone or e-mail access to work with Ken to work on one difficult area of your music ministry or your life. VALUE $150

Total Bonus VALUE= $202.95

No Risk

music ministry satisfaction guarantee

So you get a package worth $202.95 for only $9.95, with a 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee. There is absolutely no risk.

You might be wondering, "If it's such great value, why is it so cheap?"

I want to get this manual to as many people as possible, and find out what else music ministers want to know. I want Inside Out to produce the best music ministry resources in the world.

We're so confident you'll like it when you see it, that we'll let you download a trial copy for free.
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You and I both know music ministry can be tough and lonely as we struggle to do a big job with limited resources. Sound Music Ministry can make your ministry easier, more rewarding and not as lonely.

"In over 20 years of music ministry there is very little that Ken Davis hasn't written about, spoken about and done. This manual is full of down to earth, practical wisdom. I fully commend it to all musicians and leaders involved in church music ministry."

--Rob Smith, songwriter and author of Aussie worship classic
Behold the Lamb of God

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